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Before, during and after the session

The key to your making your Model Portfolio stand out from the crowd is to choose the right Photographer.  A Photographer who can enhance, define and capture the beauty of your look.  A professional who will work with you to create a series of stunning photographs to will give you the best chance at success in a very competitive industry.  My Model Portfolio Session is designed around each individuals needs. Your current portfolio (if you have one) is taken into consideration in order to update it with fresh photos that will expand your client base.  For new models a plan is put in place that will create a number of looks designed to attract an agent in your target marketplace.  In order to do this I shoot 4 different looks per person.

What should I bring?

Bring a suitcase of clothes/accessories/shoes options (the more the merrier), only bring what you feel great/comfortable wearing.  We will help you select clothing combinations for the shots.  If you're not 'feeling' your current wardrobe, buy items, keep tags on and return them after the shoot (that's what Stylists do!)

How to I prepare for the photo shoot?

Like any new career it helps to do your homework.  Look at magazines before your photoshoot - notice how the professionals are posing, their facial expressions, and practice posing in front of a mirror,  Don't get hung up on it though - I will be guiding you through the session to bring out the best in you.

Please arrive at your session with clean hair and lightly moisturised skin.

This way you have a fresh canvas ready for the professional Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist to get to work on creating the first looks for you, taking into consideration what you bring to wear.  Gain advice on colours and styles to make you look stunning.

Your first Look make-up is then applied and your hair styled.  Looking fabulous, feeling relaxed and ready to get to work.

During your session

As we go along I'll show you how it's all looking on camera. This way you can see how the lighting is looking and can gain confidence that you look stunning! I don’t put a strict limit on the number of shots I take, we shoot each look until I feel we’ve gotten it covered, then move on to the next.​

After your session

With me the work doesn't finish when the shutter on the camera clicks.  I'm not just a Photographer, i'm also a graphic designer and picture retoucher.

Creative enhancements, coupled with minute attention to detail, means work from me has always made a great impression on everybody watching the finished job. The photographs will be retouched to ensure they are as attention grabbing as they can be.

Retouching is carried out using the latest professional industry software and hardware. All retouching is carried out on a wide colour gamut monitor, which is regularly colour calibrated. Each project and image is different, however some of the elements of retouching are: colour balance, contrast, saturation/ desaturation, skin (removing cellulite, spots, stretch marks, large pores) with a method that gives a stunning finish while retaining detail.  Retouching also includes: hair (removing fly-aways, and amending shape), whitening eyes/teeth, subtle selective sharpening to focus attention. Depending on the image/project retouching can also include body shape, clothes/face reshaping and more.  I work with RAW files in a layered workflow that enables me to get the most out of the image with no loss of quality.

On headshots and portraits permanent features (eg scars, moles) are left in, while blemishes, stray hairs are removed, teeth whitened subtly where necessary, and much more so you look like you on a good day.  On fashion images retouching goes further to create aspirational images to promote your collection or portfolio.

As you can see great care is taken with your images to ensure you will be delighted with the final result.

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