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Happy New Year 2017

After an eventful year 2016, with lots of ups and downs as usual. I would like to share at least one thing with you all. When you go through so much and think you will not be able to get past it and feel like this will never end, just stay focus on where you want to be, keep your eyes on your goals. This is how I managed to keep a positive attitude and remained full of optimism.

As the saying goes, after the storm comes the rainbow, and I believe I can actually touch the rainbow right now.

So many good things happening already that it is overwhelming.

Preparing a couple of personal photo projects, big jobs already confirmed, and also a lot of traveling already done and planned for this year.

I think I am up for a year to remember. And hope the same for you too.

I wish you an amazing year full of the right choices and happiness.

#happynewyear #positivity


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