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Hey guys, hope you all are having an amazing day. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I'm so proud to finally be able to reveal to you all this beautiful and inspirational project I have been working on since last September where the idea came to me. The goal of this book is to inspire everyone troubled with self-esteem issues and help everyone realise we are beautiful, unique and worth loving, but most of all worth being love by ourself. Self esteem or self love plays a major part in our life and is a reason for us to be successful or not. Our success is depending on how much you appreciate yourself. This book is the result of 9 months of work and researches and as I advanced into this project, I have come to realise how important it is to appreciate ourselves in order to have a successful life. I have also realised it is my duty as a human being and a photographer to help others the same way I was helped in my life. I hope you will be excited as I can be for this project to come to life with this book and an exhibition, and will help us by sharing the love as much as possible. If you want to pre order a copy of the book, check the SHAPE page. See you on the next post ;)

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